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Sequestring agent

Pre-treatment and dyeing

    AMPLEX 106 a.c.

  • Sequestering and dispersing agent for all kind of processes. Acrylic copolymer.
    AMPLEX BC líquido

  • Sequestering agent for cotton bleaching, EDTA based.

  • Universal, easily biodegradable sequestering agent.

  • Sequestering and dispersing agent for soaping processes. Biodegradable.
    AMPLEX D-230

  • Sequestering and dispersing agent for dyeing.
    AMPLEX DG/RG a.c.

  • Sequestering, dispersing and universal colloid protecting. For scouring, bleaching and dyeing.

  • Synergic blend of sequestering agents.

  • Phosphonated sequestering agent for pretreatment and bleaching.

  • Synergic blend of biodegradable sequestering agents.
    AMPLEX D6/Na

  • Sequestering and dispersing agent for scouring and bleaching.

I + D

Research and innovation, we are strategically focused on the development of textile auxiliaries for fibers and fabrics.
Our mission is to provide high value-added solutions to the technological challenges

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Centerquimica SAC is the operating base of the Color Center Group in the South America area.

The company is made up of highly qualified personnel in the area of ​​manufacturing, logistics and technical / commercial advice.

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Latest news on research projects and news of Color Center SA

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