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Our commitment

Quality, service and sustainability

Our laboratories, one of the pillar of our company, focus their activities on three fields:

  • Quality control.
  • Technical support for our customers.
  • Development of new products into a context of continuous improvement and according to the market requirements.

The respect for ecology and environment is the priority goal of our research activities.

We use the most advanced technologies to achieve it efficiently.

Policy and Commitment (EHS)

Color Center is strongly committed to the highest standards of safety, quality and sustainability

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Centerquimica SAC is the operating base of the Color Center Group in the South America area.

The company is made up of highly qualified personnel in the area of ​​manufacturing, logistics and technical / commercial advice.

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I + D

Research and innovation, we are strategically focused on the development of textile auxiliaries for fibers and fabrics.
Our mission is to provide high value-added solutions to the technological challenges

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Latest news on research projects and news of Color Center SA

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