Our main asset is our team

Thanks to our team, our main asset, we can be confident that we will continue to offer the best service.

Our system of organization, with a participatory approach, allows everyone to feel involved in a common goal for the future.

In this way, we ensure that innovation, the fruit of creativity and action, is one of the most important bases in all departments of our company.

Quality, service and sustainability

Our laboratories, one of the cornerstones of our company, focus their activities in three areas:

  • Quality control.
  • Technical assistance to our customers.
  • Development of new products, adapting to new market needs within the framework of continuous improvement.

Respect for ecology and the environment is a priority objective in our research and we have the most advanced means to improve day by day in this field.

Production and warehousing

From our production centers and warehouses, located in strategic areas around the world, we deliver our products in the best conditions and with maximum punctuality.

The warehouses are equipped with the most modern logistics systems, which allow us to have maximum control over the merchandise while optimizing the delivery time.


Since our foundation in 1978, we have always been dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of dyestuffs and auxiliary products for the textile industry.


In 2006, Color Center S.A. inaugurated its facilities in Terrassa, betting on increasing and updating its R&D department with pioneering machinery and technology in the sector.


We inaugurated new facilities located in Polinyà, more than 5.000m2 give us the opportunity to offer our customers a more agile and competitive service, uniting our R&D, Manufacturing and Logistics services in the same location.

Our products are certified